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Following our first full year in racing, Prime Factors not only completed but also won the 2014 National Endurance Championship. This was just the beginning, and soon after this initial success the team became a limited company, trading as Prime Factors Racing Limited. This has allowed our reputation and rates of success to grow and led us to join the FIM 2015 World Endurance Championship and pit ourselves against some of the industry’s biggest names.

Prime Factors Racing is about more than speed. We are driven by a passion to succeed, a unit and a team that places performance, consistency and teamwork at its heart and pushes personal boundaries to their limits. With limitless ambition, Prime Factors will never rest on its laurels. All previous wins are stepping stones to future success and our focus is always on improving and evolving to maintain our competitive edge.

Each individual in the Prime Factors team has a proven track record when it comes to racing, as well as extensive experience in working with BMW. From club racing, to the British Superbike Championship, to the renowned Isle of Man TT, we aspire to reach the top and will not stop until we get there. With a mixture of heart, passion and above all skill, we are sure we will.